By Armor Type

Warlock  Seered0.00
Mage  Mohawkdude0.00
Priest  Lirimaelen0.00
Mage  Drozzy0.00
Warlock  Tarett0.00
Mage  Smásh0.00
Priest  Puresoul0.00
Priest  Lynae0.00
Priest  Synrgy0.00
Mage  Frostrot0.00
Warlock  Sazelplex0.00
Priest  Faefnir0.00
Warlock  Lóckdúp0.00
Warlock  Deathsly0.00
Mage  Saltysnacks0.00
Druid  Dirtybømb0.00
Rogue  Serath0.00
Rogue  Thaniss0.00
Druid  Gumbolips0.00
Druid  Oroto0.00
Rogue  Gizmoe0.00
Hunter  Suzumi0.00
Shaman  Astir0.00
Hunter  Keja0.00
Hunter  Tolgor0.00
Shaman  Patdycakes0.00
Hunter  Gyromax0.00
Hunter  Mtndêw0.00
Hunter  Thanjin0.00
Hunter  Poisonhit0.00
Shaman  Krixle0.00
Hunter  Alanthara0.00
Shaman  Littlepickle0.00
Hunter  Jînx0.00
Shaman  Orcmodian0.00
Shaman  Äläkäzäm0.00
Hunter  Mogonto0.00
Paladin  ßoyardee0.00
Paladin  Kairuum0.00
Death Knight  Puredeath0.00
Death Knight  Undroz0.00
Paladin  Shrimpgumbo0.00
Death Knight  Kirima0.00
Paladin  Smashädin0.00
Warrior  Tallestgob0.00
Warrior  Smashpeas0.00
Death Knight  Blamo0.00
Death Knight  Soupbowl0.00
Warrior  Immrmeeseeks0.00
Death Knight  Gumbojr0.00
Paladin  Redis0.00
Paladin  Lovare0.00
Warrior  Kurgann0.00
Warrior  Moredroz0.00
Death Knight  Blackwingz0.00
Warrior  Malrex0.00
Paladin  Ikima0.00
Paladin  Nautee0.00
Death Knight  Ikosin0.00
Where are my guild's characters?

By default any character on the Character List in the Admin area that is marked as Raid Eligible will show here. However, if you have enabled the feature to require the characater to be on the raid roster then the character must be on the raid roster for this pool to show on this page.

Exclusions May Be In Effect

Characters not meeting minimums of Effort/Earned and Gear/Spent and Priority/Total have been excluded from this list. These characters will show in the All Members list, but will not show here because the minimums are not met.
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em